Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We finally made our goal thanks to all of you! We are in Amsterdam eager to get home to share our adventures with all of you in person. Unfortunately, we were unable to post our surprise here, but we do have a movie about the trip that we will blog once we are on US land (with fast, free wi-fi)!  Also, we'll attach a link to purchase the fantastic book, which is truly a culmination of everyones hard work. Again thank you so so much, only a few more hours till we see your smiling faces!  Good morning America!

Ja-Z & KT

Monday, January 31, 2011

We're SO Close!

Thank SO much to everyone who has been viewing the blog! We appreciate all the times you have visited the page to help us bring up the view count. We are enjoying our last morning at the beach before we pack up to come home. Ja-Z and KT will update the bog again once we arrive in Amsterdam so please keep visiting so we can hit our 20,000 goal and give you guys a special treat (in addition to our return).

We're counting on you to bring us to 20,000. You can do it!

Coming At You For The Second Time Today!

KT and Ja-Z wanted to share some wonderful pics from this morning!

 Here are a couple of the really cool fish we saw this morning.
...And yes, this is KT and Ja-Z underwater.
Thank you so much to Rachel Kozlowski for these totally sweet pics!

Also we thought we'd take this time to clear the air about our afternoon of possibilities. It ended up fabulous! We watched sea turtles hatch and run to the ocean, how can you beat that? Enjoying the stars from sunny Africa, talk to you later!

January 31, 2011

Yesterday, we spent the day relaxing on the beach no real plans for the day. Some students took the afternoon to walk the short distance into town to see what local life was like. At our meals we sampled some of the local finish including some great octopus at dinner. Today we spent the morning at a near by sandbar snorkeling and enjoying the reef finishing our last class on the boat ride back to camp. The rest of the afternoon is full of possibilities.

Well faithful followers Ja-Z and KT hate to admit this trip is coming to a close. While everyone here is missing their loved one's smiling faces, please don't be alarmed if we all come back a little rosy...the sun here is HOT! As we spend our final hours in pure paradise, it is a good place to reflect on the amazing experiences we have had. The wildlife, the people and the culture will be missed dearly, and no one will ever forget their first time in Tanzania.

On a much happier note the weather is still beautiful here and we still need 20,000 hits by February 1st (aka tomorrow). We will post again during the layover in Amsterdam and if we reach our 20,000 hit goal a special blog will also be uploaded for your viewing pleasure. So REFRESH that page guys and we'll see you soon!

PS The book that has been put together for this trip, a collage of photos and articles written by everyone on the trip, will be for sale coming very soon! We encourage all parents and friends to buy a copy not only as a memento for the trip but also because a portion of the proceeds will go to the Dorobo Fund an extension of the tour group who has so graciously walked through Tanzania. The Dorobo Fund is a non-profit organization that works will all the people we have been so lucky to visit here.

ENJOY THIS VIEW! (We know we are!)

Group photo by Jon Cox

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 29, 2011

As we traveled to our final destination, everyone was excited for our time at the beach; luckily the bus ride was short.  We arrived at Pembe Abwe, Daudi and Truda’s privately owned beach in the early afternoon to the sound of the ocean and one of the most beautiful views. With nearly a mile to explore and swim, everyone enjoyed soaking up the rays. As if that wasn’t enough, we are able to snorkel in nearby reefs and kayak to view a variety of kingfishers in a mangrove forest.
 Pembe Abwe.
Photo by: Rachael Kaozlowski

January 28, 2011

Today was finally a day to relax. The photography group turned in their projects and the wildlife group turned in their checklists and survey sheets.  Some students had the morning to finish their work, while others had the option of going on a butterfly or chameleon hike.  After lunch, we headed to the Amani Butterfly House, where students were able to walk among many endemic butterfly species.  The Butterfly House ships out chrysalis to different butterfly gardens all over the world!  We even had the opportunity to purchase butterfly jewelry, don’t worry they are already dead! The night ended with photography students heading out for a night walk and the wildlife students enjoyed the evening off.

Even the butterflies like our pictures!
Photo by: Lizzie Baxter

Friday, January 28, 2011

January 27, 2011

Morning activities were postponed as students rubbed their eyes awake after their late arrival in the Amani Nature Reserve the previous evening.  Instead, a work session was initiated to alleviate the last of assignments on our to-do lists. In the afternoon those that opted for a study break chose between two hikes to seek out either chameleons or butterflies.  After a candlelit dinner, local chameleon guide, Rasta, led wildlife students on a torch-lit night walk to seek the many chameleon species endemic to the area.
 Chameleon found on walk.
Photo by: Dana DeSousa

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 26, 2011

We left Arusha at 8am for our longest travel day. We piled into a coaster bus, a box on wheels unprepared or the 15-hour journey that lay ahead. 30 kilometers from our new residence, a large rock in the road put a hole in our radiator. We turned back to find the nearest mechanic, spending the next four hours waiting for our bus to be fixed. Students took advantage of the break to explore the local area. We finally arrived in Amani at 11:30pm to a long awaited dinner.  Four lucky students had the chance to ride with both professors for the day stopping to birdwatch at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and a few places along the Pangani River. 

PS Ja-Z and KT apologize for the lack of photo today, but there were not really any photo opportunities while traveling but check back for another one soon!

January 25, 2011

Leaving after breakfast at the Pamoja Expedition Lodge, we headed out to tackle Arusha’s markets.  Traveling by taxi, it was our first chance to experience the liveliness of the city.  Ready to haggle, students were set loose to browse through rows upon rows of vendors with the help of Maggie, one of our guides.  Students walked away with jewelry, spears, textiles, and handcrafted house wares.  The next location was comprised of a supermarket and several small shops, including a jewelry store operated by Maasai women, a clothing store, and ice cream shop.  Upon returning to the lodge, we had to say goodbye to Maggie.  We will greatly miss her but appreciate all that she has added to our experience here.  The rest of the day was devoted to schoolwork as we prepare for another travel day tomorrow. 

 An example of beads bought in the market in Arusha.
Photo by: Liz Rudkin

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FYI We NEED Your Help

Ja-Z and KT have been presented with a challenge. We must reach 20,000 views before we leave Tanzania. On February 1st we will check the blog for the last time, it is at this last time that the total page views (recorded at the bottom of the blog page) must be above 20,000. So, refresh if you must, send the blog out to everyone you know and remember to leave A LOT of comments!

PS On a totally separate note, we have been informed today that in the past there has not always been satellite service in in the area we are headed to tomorrow. When we arrive Ja-Z and KT will try to get the blog updated, but if you don't hear from us right away, don't fret! Refresh that page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

January 24, 2011

We packed up our tents for the last time this morning and departed from the Serengeti to return to Arusha. On our way out of the Serengeti we drove straight through the great migration and found the remains of a mother and calf wildebeest that had been eaten by lions. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful location overlooking the Ngorongoro Highland in the Maasailand. Our afternoon adventured consisted of a few stops for minor truck repairs during which time we watched wildlife and photographed the beautiful scenery including a double rainbow. After completing our 12 hour unimog journey we arrived in Arusha where we said a tearful goodbye to Simon and Habibu.

The group enjoys a gorgeous view while we take a lunch break.
Photo by: Katie Pusecker