Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FYI We NEED Your Help

Ja-Z and KT have been presented with a challenge. We must reach 20,000 views before we leave Tanzania. On February 1st we will check the blog for the last time, it is at this last time that the total page views (recorded at the bottom of the blog page) must be above 20,000. So, refresh if you must, send the blog out to everyone you know and remember to leave A LOT of comments!

PS On a totally separate note, we have been informed today that in the past there has not always been satellite service in in the area we are headed to tomorrow. When we arrive Ja-Z and KT will try to get the blog updated, but if you don't hear from us right away, don't fret! Refresh that page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


  1. It appears that you are more than 55% of the way to 20K visits. I shall visit daily, at least!

  2. Thank you again for the blog!! Allows us to live somewhat vicariously (with your experiences, one really needs to be there, I'm sure) and to better appreciate what you are seeing and doing. I think it is really great that your are both experiencing the "land" as well as really visiting with several peoples and cultures - phenomenal.

    Lindsay - so great to hear from you -what a great surprise and it really reinforced the great experience you are having. We love you and miss you!! At the same time we really appreciate the experience you are enjoying - cannot wait to sit with you and hear about it as well as see it in your pictures! Stay safe and continue to enjoy and take it all in!!

  3. Hi Sam, hope you had a terrific birthday. Liked your photo of the wildebeasts which was posted on Jan. 21. I hope you shot the scene in landscape as well as portrait formats. Can't wait to see your photos when you get back. Enjoy the rest of your trip, stay safe.

    Uncle Charlie
    "The Godfather"

  4. Another phenomenal day on the dark continent! Will you kids ever be able to forget this amazing experience! I can't even imagine what it's like to see all these animals that you only ever see on TV or in a zoo, running wild and free! There better be some awesome pictures from this trip for those of us who have been reading about it on a daily basis. I couldn't be happier for you! Megan, if anyone deserves to be awe-inspired it's you! I KNOW this experience will stay with you forever. Not so sure about the tse-tse bites! Yeesh. ps Don't tell you Mama anything that makes me lose sleep!!

  5. Hello wildlifers,
    I just found out that you actually get to read the comments, so here is another one. I miss you all and can't wait to see everyone. Jon I know that you probably know this but challenging Jake Bowman at a dance off was a fools errand. Though something tells me you knew you were going to lose and all you wanted to do was get him to dance kudos so if that was your secret plan. If not then I'm sorry you had to experience a lose like that. To dana, I hope the paragriffens are flying tomoniously where you inhabit now. To Cj, one love from long island to Tanzania. To Errica, I don't know exactly where you live in Vermont but if you live in or near Essex then you have about 20" of snow on the ground and more on the way. To Lizzy your everybody video contest video has 12,205 views on it. To holly, I found out chris got into your room and made it all messy to prank you, jk, but i wouldn't put it past him. To megan, I saw some of the pictures on the blog were credited to you and they were awesome. And to Nicole, miss you and love you, and also I found out that Pres. Gerald Ford had a golden retriever named Liberty...now thats awesome. Have a great rest of your trip everybody.

  6. Errica! Your photo of the elephant reminded me of an event when you were little..do you remember riding on the elephant with me at the Champlain Valley Fair? Fore-shadowing, I think. :-)

  7. C-Gorms,
    I was so excited to hear from you today! I look for you in every photo thats posted haha! School has started (and so has the tarea), so I got a little behind on the blog posts. I just caught up though and it seems like you guys are seeing some amazing stuff! Cheetahs and elephants (and bears oh my)! I've got to know tho, were you one of the ones that tried the goat blood?? I guess I'll have to wait until you come home to find out. Have fun! I miss you boo boo :)
    Katie K

  8. dear lindsay:
    I miss you kind of, hope you're having a magical experience, enjoy the heat while it lasts because you'll be coming home to an arctic wasteland. don't forget to take a picture of a baby lion family for me.
    love emily
    ps we won our swim meet today! still undefeated woooot woooooot !!!!
    pps I'm wearing all of your clothes. ha.

  9. Caaiiiiiiiittttttliiiiiinnnnnnnnn!!!!!whats happening? So I have been going through the pictures, insane tanzania pictures. I take it you are well and things are going good. Its crazy quiet here in Smyth so quiet that my speakers make the building vibrate. lol, yeeeeeah! upgraded some components on the reciever lol. Actually Rachel came up to ask me to stop base bumping her room lol you know!!!!.
    So Microbio is kick my A******, yeah needed extra for how much it's hurting right now lol. We are trying to plan out our next meeting, hey drop us a line on your page if you get a chance when your getting back. Can't wait to see ya buddy, Stay safe, and I see you remembered to stay away from the bush and out of the water lol. See you when you hit the campus. Will :-)

    idk if you got my email, but I had a dream about zombies last night... woke up from it frantically thinking that I was going to be eaten alive and immediately told myself to remember it so I could tell you about it! Then i got your emails! It must have been fate. Love you so much and cant wait to hear from you again! made my day :)

    Lions, Tigers, and Bears...oh my!,

  11. Great photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  12. Jasmine.. keep the news coming and we'll keep visiting. It has been wonderful to follow the trip, and see what a great time everyone is having. you'll be happy to know that Oma and Opa are following the blog too. Can't wait to see all the photos. Love you. XOX

  13. Hey Joy this is from Mommy....Hi Joy! So glad to hear from you. I must say I had to hold back the tears. I am very proud of you. I Love you much more. I tried to send you a message from work. I'm trying not to worry and yes I read Psalms 91 too..:)" Love you miss you cant wait for us to chat...I'll post more tomorrow :)

  14. VIRG !!! Got your email! So nice to hear from you and it was such a nice surprise. You ARE such an adventurous eater now aren't you?

  15. Hey Nicole!
    It was great chatting with you today – when text messaging fails, facebook to the rescue! :) I eventually got your hilarious email and I want to point out that “mousedom” is currently lacking its king mouse (mouse-free apartment for one month…yay for small victories!) Enjoy the rest of your trip and continue to have an amazing time!
    deine Schwester,

    And hi to Nicole’s friends! Lizzy and Dana, in case Nicole forgets to tell you, I expect an awesome video from this trip. Errica, I finally found a Starbucks near the vet school so I can stay awake for physiology now lol

  16. Soror!!
    I got your email (don't worry, t-muff and I can handle a joint email. We like each other enough for that) and I'm so happy to here that you're loving Tanzania! One of the girls in my pledge class is actually from Tanzania and is really interested in seeing your photos just like me :) Let the good times roll until you come home!
    love you, lovely!
    Bec xox

  17. Dana,
    It was really good talking to you today, I was really late for class but it was worth it. The teacher said, "Nice of you to join us" in front of 200 kids haha. It also made me miss you a lot more. I found out out today that I have to go to URI the weekend after you come home, so I'm gonna sleep on Danielle's floor. Anyways, I love you, and have a great last week. Wildlifers and Megan - stay real. Amani nje mbwa (or in english: peace out dogs)

  18. Wildlife Warriors,

    I am sending you this message as I know how much you all miss me (also to make up for all of the terrible grammar and spelling errors in Brian's comment). I know everyone's having a great time and I am quite jealous of your adventures. I see from the pictures that you guys are wearing sandals whereas I am sick with a cold and there's an estimated 5 inches of snow coming to NoVa in two days. See you all soon.

    The Phantom

  19. Hi Lizzy Baxter-Sorry I missed your email yesterday. We love the pictures, especially Dana and Errica and the bull elephant. Finally we foundout who KT and Ja-Z were! We've had some snow at home and expect lots today. the Lipscombs follow the blog daily too. We love you and miss you and cant wait to see you. Love Mom and Dad

  20. Hi Lizzy Baxter - I'm sending Mommy the blog link to her work, so she can view it during the day. I got your email late - about 5pm 1/25/2011 our time yesterday, I was so busy at work. Sorry I couldn't catch you. We will post more often, and view your blog using Chrome. We miss you and love you, and are glad you are there in Africa! :-) xxxoooxxx Dad (and Mommy too). PS - Margaret Lipscomb is following the blog.

  21. I can't believe you guys are almost done. Caitlin and Grace, thanks for the facebook updates. We will fill you in on everything that has been happening here if you guys can trade stories about what this whole trip has been like. I'm sure yours will be much more interesting, but hey, not everyone gets to go to africa. See you all in a week or so.

  22. Grace,
    I forwarded yesterday's email to Grandma, Grandad, Aunt Stevie, John and Eddie. Everyone enjoyed hearing of your adventures. Snow here today - a couple inches, so far, and about 6 more expected. Wish we were with you! Love always, Mom

  23. Hi Sam, greetings from N.J.and N.Y. Hope your bus ride from Arusha to Usambara was not as difficult as you expected....Can't believe you'll be home in a week.I bought a brisket and a pork loin in your honor...lol...although your favorite food list may have changed after this trip.Enjoy the warm weather because it's snowing again today... 4 to 8 inches on the way.So looking forward to spring...Until we see you next week, stay safe have fun and remember what I said about those alligators. Lol....LOVE YOU MORE MOM AND DAD xoxo

  24. KT,
    Dana Herbert, winner of the "Next Great Baker"
    an HRIM University of Delaware alumnus and an accomplished baker who is the owner of Desserts by Dana, has been named the winner of the TLC reality show Next Great Baker.

  25. KT

    Ahh Kathy's comment is so exciting!Remember when we went to his presentation last semester? He truly deserved to win..I watched the finale and he blew all of the other contestants out of the water! I will keep refreshing this page for ya! I joined Lor at work today becuase I am meeting with USHG today (maybe I will see Danny? Ill send him your love) and I am killing time in her office aka ill refresh this page mucho! Love you bunches and have safe travels to your next destination. Hopefully that satellite will work so we can stay updated on your adventures!



  26. I will certainly give it my best shot to get you 10 20,000 views!!!! Have a great day Lizzie!!!
    Mom and Mocha

  27. Dearest Wildlifers,
    So i tried to come pay you guys a visit, but the transportation was a little spotty throughout Africa, and let me tell you, never EVER try to swim the Atlantic ocean, not as fun as they say. I hope you guys are having the adventure of a lifetime, as we get pummeled with even more of this cold white stuff and had our second snow day of the semester today :D I will go on a freezing safari through the treacherous terrain that is White Clay Creek today, and try my best to pretend I'm being stalked by more than hungry deer.The blog is amazing, and the pictures blow me away. Chris and I send our love, stay classy San Diego

  28. KT PU - Papa G here and lucky you are in Africa, as we got another 5 inches of snow this AM, with another 6-10 inches predicted for this evening. Not sure if Mom and I will make it out to San Fransisco tomorrow AM - keep your fingers crossed. We absolutely love the blog and the photos and we cannot wait to see all the photos when you return. See you next week!

  29. Fun to keep up with you via the blog! Great pics!

  30. Well here we go again, more snow! 5" this morning with more on the way tonight. Yes! Hard to belive we've had more tha 15" here since you left. Hope you all are enjoying the weather and scenery. Awesome pictures and what a great adventure! Keep the updates coming. Holley, we miss seeing your smiling face, and hearing your voice. The whole family has been following along. See you soon. Love Dad and Mom

  31. Enjoy the beach..hoping for nothing but blue skys.

    Jon you don't have to bring home you socks with holes! Lighten the load.

  32. katherine marie pusecker! let me update you on what you are missing in your celebrity gossip world!!!!

    -jesse james is engaged to kat von d...d-bag
    -glee marathon to be on all day saturday feb 4th so we can all catch up!
    -hilary duff may or may not be preggers! shes only 23 yikes!
    -natalie portman preggers! baby daddy is a ballet dancer/choreographer from black swan..phenominal movie..cant remember if you saw it...
    -jersey shore is gunna film in italy next season..oddd. currrent season is pretty great your not far behind
    -teen mom 2 is back and is AWESOME..youve only missed like 3 episodes no biggy you can catch up
    -britney spears is out with a new song...pretttty catchy!
    -penelope cruz and john travoltas wife just had baby boys
    -oprah discovers a half sister she never knew about
    -regis is leaving tv! pooooor kelly
    -justin beiber has a movie coming out about his life
    -did you know queen latifah is gay?
    -miss america is only 17 yrs old!! from nebraska
    -victoria beckham preggers yet again!
    -did you know scar jo and ryan reynolds divorced? wahhhhh
    -real housewives of nyc is next to come back
    -iphone finally moved to verizon
    -zac efron and vanessa broke up!! but they are rumored to still be together
    -t-swift and jakey are no longer dating thank god!

    well thats the best i could do for now...
    hope your enjoying the warm weather! i had to shovel my driveway once already and its still snowing...funfun! cant wait to see you soon love! be safe and have fun this last week. love you lots!!!!!


  33. Lizzie -

    I was real glad to see the pictures that you uploaded. Maybe you should have signed up for the photography class? Great job. I hope you have some more that actually have you in them.

    Only 3 more days in your teenage years. Happy beach Birthday!!

  34. I love Merdy's post on all that is fit to be printed in "People Magazine"

    Now for the Real World Updates from today and going backwards:
    Today- Another Snowstorm.
    Egypt has lots of protesters in the streets following the protests in Tunisia that ousted their Pres.
    National hiring to increase in 2011: A new study, titled “Recruiting Trends 2010-2011,” shows that national hiring is expected to increase by 3 percent overall with an expected 10 percent growth in hiring of bachelor and Master of Business Administration degree holders.

    26th- Obama's State of the Union Address was delivered. He spoke of freezing budgets but that would not or should not effect education. He also mentioned Afghanistan a lot. Both sides had lots to say and used Twitter as well as usual news outlets to do so.
    Oscar Nominations were released and "The King's Speech" received the most nominations. Other movies getting notice include; True Grit, Black Swan, The Kids are all Right.
    Chinese President Hu Jintao's visited Washington last week and his wife visited Delaware.
    Joe Biden just showed up for jury duty.
    Steve Jobs took a medical leave of absence for an unknown time and the world is looking.
    Jack LaLanne died. He was the original fitness guru.
    A suicide bomber detonated a bomb at Moscows' airport. 35 killed, 168 were injured.
    Housing Market is still not really moving.
    More news to follow..

    Lots more in between.

    Gabriele Giffords- Dem. Arizona was shot along with others. She lived, 6 other died. She is trying to recover. The gunman was probably seriously mentally ill and could buy a gun.

  35. so when you come back packers & steelers are in the super bowl. GO PACKERS!!!! kaitlyn baligush all of you enjoy the weather because its freakin snowing here. Lori sent me home before it started again. good thing she did. 5 - 10 inches more. Praying for clear weather on Feb 2. Love ya MOMMA

  36. Hi Alex, I've been thinking of u all the time. I miss you a lot because you are my favorite sister:). I can't wait to see you when you get back. I'm sure your having fun and you'll be back in no time. Can't wait to see you.!!! I love you.


  37. Just had dinner with Jeff and Rachel for the last time for several months. They leave for Wi in the morning by way of pitz to see SuzEtta. The streets are just about covered in snow and not many out in it. The snow is amazing. Loving it. It's suppose to snow again this weekend and then again maybe the 1st or 2nd of Feb. RLCA closed today @ 11am and is already closed tomorrow. Gotta love a place that doesn't have any real idea about what to do when it snows.

    Talking about machu picchu for spring break...well maybe next spring break...but may be this one... Emily is planning it. Stop spending $ now so you can go. Lots of love ... shine on!!

  38. Jazzy,

    I have dreamed about you two night in a row this week. It is obviously time for you to come home. I miss you tons and I am glad that your are having a great time.

    Meg, Jon, Holly, CJ

    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Hope your having an awesome time I cant wait for pictures and stories when you get home.


    Im fingerwaving at you here in America. I know you miss me.



    -- Kishana

  39. Hi Nicole,
    Dad,Bella and I just came in from shoveling about 1 foot of snow!!We missed your mighty muscles..lol
    Enjoy the last week of the most awesome trip of your life. We can not wait to hear the stories and see the pics.Enjoy the beach and ocean as your African safari is winding down. Say hi to all your friends from us. It was wonderful to get your email-it made our day.:)

    love, kisses and licks,
    Dad, Mom and Bella

  40. Hi Lizzy Baxter,
    We got about 6-10 inches of wet snow yesterday (Herndon VA). It took Mommy 5 hours to drive home via 66 and 267 from work, and she got home at 9pm. It took Katie and Erin 4 hours to get home from Reston, and she got home about 15 minutes before Mommy. Erin works at Paolo's Restaurant in Reston. It took me about an hour to get home. I work near the Fairfax County parkway. I'm all aching from shoveling the snow.

    In DC the Federal Gov't has a 2 hour delayed opening this morning. It's 7:25am now, our time. It's the first significant snow this year. We lost power twice for about a minute or two.

    A few days ago, it was 10 degrees F at night.
    Our new furnace works fine.

    Mommy and I bought some Kilimanjaro coffee beans at a shop, during our Food Tour of Old Town Alexandria on Sunday Jan 9th. The coffee is strong but low acid. We bought the coffee thinking of you guys.

    I had no time to use the Chrome browser on the blog last night. Will try tonight.
    love, xxxoooxxx Dad and Mom

  41. Hey Sam,we miss hearing from you guys but we understand it might take awhile to get the blog up and running.To bad we can't post our pictures to your blog cause we have another 19in of snow that I'm sure you can't wait to get home to......We keep losing Mckinely in the backyard as she waddles through all the white stuff.It does make everything more beautiful. I might take my Christmas gift out and take some pictures for you. I'm sitting with Ernie and he keeps touching the keyboard.I think he wants to contribute to the blog......I guess he's sending you a High Five..... Hope all is well with all of you and look forward to more pictures and info on your last few days of your journey....LOVE YOU MORE MOM AND DAD AND THE GANG.....XOXOX

  42. Hey Camille,

    As you have probably surmised we got socked with snow, no wimpy stuff this time. We woke up yesterday to unexpected snow falling which really messed up the schools (of course they didn't cancel), It took ReNae 2 hours to get Dalton to school. The total was 5". Then we had a lull, it then started to rain in the late afternoon on top of the already very heavy slick wet stuff. By 7:00 pm it had turned to snow and we got an additional 8" over night. It's been a bear to shovel!! Riley and Roni played in it for ever this morning, very fun to watch, don't worry, I took a video of it. Hope you are all enjoying your last week and enjoy the heat!!!


    mom and Riley

  43. Grace,
    No post this morning- I suspect you can't get clear sky for the satellite uplink in the Amani Nature Preserve. Dad and I have been reading a tour book about the Amani Preserve; it sounds gorgeous! The African violets, birds and monkeys sound like a dream, while we're surrounded with a foot of heavy snow. Enjoy!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  44. Megan! What exciting and enticing adventures have you experienced since the last blog? Something extraordinary I'm thinking! I hope you were able to keep a journal of your daily activities, written with the flair that belongs only to you! Life is pretty ho-hum here, at least compared to there. I know I haven't seen any lions or hyenas today. Have you???? Dad wants you to be sure to hug the animals for him. I prefer that you admire them from afar. LOVE YOU!!!! Mom