Monday, January 17, 2011

January 16, 2011

It was an early morning pack up before we headed off to our next campsite in the Yaeda Valley. Instead of driving there like usual, we hiked the 7 miles to our next campsite. While the distance was long, the savanna scenery was absolutely beautiful. Walking also allowed us to see some exciting things, such as two Grey Crowned Cranes and a bullfrog so large it had to be held with two hands, watching our Hadza guides crawl into a Baobab tree full of bees and witnessing a Hadza hunt!  When we arrived at our new campsite, we quickly discovered the amazing 360 degree view of the entire valley. Although we were exhausted, the sight was just what we needed to finish up the day. In the evening on the rock we discussed the Hadza and the future of their people. Some students enjoyed the view so much they decided to sleep on top of the rock and taking star trails!      
View from atop our Rock

Photo By: Lizzy Baxter                                                                                 


  1. On top of the world, you can see clearly the wonders of the earth. What will you do to help preserve that beauty?

  2. Elizabeth- Yea, great to see you and all your Zani mates! Everybody looks wonderful! The seven mile hike had to be something - by the time you get back you will surely give Dad a run for his money! can't help but take awesome pictures - can't wait to see you and see and hear about it all. The Rudkin spirit is over the top! Love you, Momma

  3. What a great group photo! Keep up the blogging - the whole family is enjoying your adventure!

  4. Katie,
    I hope slash assume that you were one of the students who slept on the rock under the stars! I am sure it was unbelievable! Lou would be so proud that you did a 7-mile rigorous hike! Hopefully you can bring your tent-pitching skills back to w4 for our campout this semester!


  5. Liz!
    Woa baby! 7 miles that's crazy. I hope your having a great time over there. It sounds amazing. You're gonna have to show me all your pictures when your back. I miss you.
    Love Calvin

  6. Terrific photo Lizzy! Does it get any better than that?