Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 24, 2011

We packed up our tents for the last time this morning and departed from the Serengeti to return to Arusha. On our way out of the Serengeti we drove straight through the great migration and found the remains of a mother and calf wildebeest that had been eaten by lions. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful location overlooking the Ngorongoro Highland in the Maasailand. Our afternoon adventured consisted of a few stops for minor truck repairs during which time we watched wildlife and photographed the beautiful scenery including a double rainbow. After completing our 12 hour unimog journey we arrived in Arusha where we said a tearful goodbye to Simon and Habibu.

The group enjoys a gorgeous view while we take a lunch break.
Photo by: Katie Pusecker


  1. Hi Virgie!! It sounds like you're having a great time, and doing really cool stuff. I can't wait to see all your photos and hear about everything. Love,

  2. Kaitlyn B
    Thanks for the message on FB but I am concerned when you said you hadn't had a post from me confirming I am still alive when I have posted on almost every blog :(
    Surgery is 1/31 kiddo, and as I said in a previous post I will be recovering so you'll have to drive up to PA to see me. I have every intention of still being on the planet :)
    Love you and Miss you and cant wait to hear all about it!!

  3. Kailtyn Baligush!!!!!! Hope their reading everyones messages around the camp fire. You made my day when aunt cyn told me you fb her so i looked while at work. ta da! sent it out to everyone i have following the blog. Love You and miss - Friendly's here we come - MOMMA

  4. Yay!!! An email from Errica!!!!!! Made my day! And I love your elephant friend! Great Pic! Was that the one strolling in front of your truck? I'll make sure to stock up on Ben and Jerry's to celebrate your homecoming! I can't wait to see you, but am sure it'll be hard to leave Africa...a little reverse culture shock, for sure! Keep safe, have fun, and wee love you to pieces!! Mom

  5. KT,
    Glad to see another one of your photos. Looks like you have learned a lot. So why didn't you break out some of your wild dance moves for the dance-off? I am incredulous that Jon is better than you! :)

  6. Hi Liz!
    What a spectacular view! Enjoy! Not much new in Ohio today. Hugs ans kisses coming your way!!!
    Mom and Mocha

  7. Hi Teetin! I love seeing all the amazing pictures and I'm so excited for you, but I miss you a whole lot too! (even though Dritan comes over every week to watch The Bachelor.) Are there any cabbages in Tanzania? Hope you're having fun!


  8. Hi Dana,Did you get a chance to check the chamelions up close? They look pretty large to me and hungry...careful when you set up for close-up pictures.We're heading to Port St. Lucie in A.M.with Miriam to set the last window treatments in the new house that Dorita is now renting. Will take pictures for you to see when you get back. Hope you have another exciting day tomorrow,,,xoxoxoGuela & Guelo