Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 12, 2011

We were awoken to the sound of pouring rain reverberating from the roof of our tents.  After breakfast, we began learning the Tanzanian anthem with our tent mama Maggie, as it was Union Day, to celebrate when Zanzibar and Tanganyika untied to create the Republic Tanzania.  We may have been out of tune at times, but we loved the opportunity to sing in Swahili.  Half of the class met the Iraqw and the others worked on their articles on the Iraqw and Hadza tribes.  Our day ended with a fireside chat with some Iraqw village chairmen and a forest guard. When we asked about the recent election, Karoli, the forest guard, said “if the hyena is the judge the goats fate is certain.”

Photos from our first crit


  1. A Jon sighting!!! How wonderful!
    Love the pics!
    Don't miss anything Tanzania has to offer, except what the misquitos in Tanzania have to offer. Stay safe and enjoy!
    Miss you lots, love you more!

  2. Love the picture of camp!
    Gives us a real feeling of what you
    are all living.

  3. You know the quote about it's not about learning to survive the storm, rather learning how to dance in the rain . . . Well you got the rain, now you have the song so keep dancing and enjoy all the beautiful moments of this wild adventure! Big big hugs and kisses.

  4. The pictures you are taking are amazing! What a wonderful experience you are having. I'm jealous!
    fan of Dana

  5. Great photos/documentary of the trip so far. It's obvious everyone here in the states are all jealous. Keep living one moment and one day at a time!!

    Teacher Dan

    p.s. I expect someone to help me learn Swahili.

  6. Hey all the photos that the group has shown us...we are all jealous here!! Sorry about the rain you guys have had, however its frezzing cold here and lots of snow everywhere so we in the east coast will certainly trade you safe everyone! AnnMarie

  7. Liz -

    Love all the pictures. How come we never see any of you, or from you? Raeanne sends tons of pictures from Oviedo, where she seems to be enjoying all that Spain has to offer. And Laura is also following you and is jealous of your giraffe sighting. Josh wishes you were here to help shovel snow and walk Mocha. Glad to know all is well.

    Mom, Dad, & Josh

  8. Kaitlyn B and all the other adventurers :)
    Those pictures are fantastic. It's the highlight of the day to hear from you all :)
    Aunt Cyn

  9. So I still wonder what you guys are eating. Griff, any good eats? Hope the rain stops soon! Sue Lotz

  10. Reading your blog every night is the HIGHLIGHT of my day. Your days sound remarkable & I'm so happy to hear about everything you are experiencing. Kudos to the bloggers! You're doing a magnificent job keeping us posted :) Dana, I can only imagine what you are feeling day to day and I try to imagine your facial expressions of wonderment and amazement. My baby girl has the opportunity of a lifetime and I thank God for that. Dios te bendiga, mi amor. Lovey, I miss you <3

  11. Holley,
    Everything looks so awesome! We are so thrilled that you are all experiencing this amazing adventure! Everyone here is asking how you are. Since you cant tell us, we gave them the link to this blog. We're pretty sure that your are doing great! Oh, and nice camera work!
    Love you lots,
    Mom and Dad

  12. Kitty Kat Kate: It's the weekend here. Ur big brother is down at the convention center all weekend for soccer. nice to have him around. Hope you have safe travels and continue to see and do amazing things.

  13. KT PU - how will you celebrate your 22nd birthday tomorrow? Will you head to the local "watering hole" for a drink? Also, how is the "Kate-atarian" diet hanging in Africa? Lots of Love -- papa G

  14. Camille -

    It was exciting to see your first pic!! It was beautiful! All the pics are a nice window into what you are all experiencing. Hope the rain is a challenge, not a problem. It was 11 degrees this morning, it's fun to picture you all basking in the rain, sun, wind, whatever!

    Love, mom and Riley

  15. Hey Marissa,

    It sounds like you’re having a very fun and enriching experience. You must be thrilled to be getting a chance to get so close to wildlife! But don’t forget, just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean the lions are!

    Love, Shmatt

    P.S. Matt hopes he sent you with enough batteries and memory cards
    PS2 Enjoy the valley, but don't become a Valley Girl, whatever!

  16. KTPU,


    Miss you lots and hope that you have a wild celebration in the jungle.

    Waka Waka

  17. KT PU - did your sat net go down? Have not heard from you guys today - hope all is well. It is after 4PM here on 1/14, which means it is past midnight in Jungle Land, so Happy B-Day!!!! Love -papa G

  18. Hi Caits,
    Exciting to hear the daily updates! We look for them every day - ok, 2,3,4 times a day waiting to hear about the daily exciting adventure. Missing you as the house gets quieter with Erin back to school and Kerry soon to follow on Monday. Looking forward to the next blog to hear all about the Yaeda Valley and your bow hunting skills! Love ya. YFD

  19. Hey Birthday Girl- KTPU
    I just got us tickets to the Hotel duPont to see-
    No Reservations:
    An Evening with
    Anthony Bourdain
    Tuesday, February 22, 2011
    at 8:00 p.m.
    Bring your books to sign!

  20. Camille
    great pic...looks like you are all having a blast.
    cold here. want more pic.

  21. Hey Sam I'm sure after working with Jon on his book about the Hadza, you're excited to finally meet then.What a wonderful experience.Take lots of pictures.We all look forward to all of your new pictures and blog entries. GREAT JOB GUYS. We missed you today, hope all is well. SAM I LOVE YOU, and miss you a bunch. xoxo MOM

  22. Rachel,
    The pictures are amazing. What a great experience. Enjoy and stay safe.
    Aunt Lorraine