Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 23, 2011

An early morning hike led us to an escarpment overlooking Lake Eyasi for the first sun rays of the day. After a late breakfast, students chose to either stay near camp to work on assignments or explore the surrounding Maasailand. Those that chose to hike roamed around a Maasai warrior cave site called an opul, examining recent cave paintings. In the evening, students witnessed a traditional slaughtering and preparation of a male goat which was roasted and enjoyed by all.  Some students were brave enough to sample goat’s blood and kidney. For our final night camping, we celebrated by learning traditional Maasai dance and joined them for a dance around the campfire.   Jon Cox and Jake Bowman were challenged to a Maasai dance off by Jon Stave and Griffin Lotz.  The elder skills of Jon and Jake prevailed!

Griffin Lotz practices his Maasai dancing as students look on.

Photo credit: Camille Legge


  1. Hey boo... i didnt recieve the post card yet. but ill keep my eye out for it. i went out with jay and shawna the other day... (the first time all month partying) of course there is a very funny story attached to that, that i cannot wait to tell u... it involves a couple drinks, icey sidewalk, and a hard fall in slow motion lol...i miss you... i wish i nkow its a week away but im counting the minutes... im not sure if you did or not. but since its no street lights im pretty sure u see just about every star. take a picture of the stars for me. i love you....

  2. Yea!!!! Camille, how fun to have another photo credited to you. I hope someone filmed the dancing so we can see all of you in action. The picture of the picnic was so beautiful, we can't wait to see the pics up close and personal. Being with the Maasai must have been incredible, that is an experience I wish I could have beamed over for a quick look-see. Enjoy your last week, ya'll.

    love ,

    Mom and Riley

  3. Hi Liz!
    I hope you took pictures of the cave paintings-how awesome!!! Did you drink the goat blood and eat the kidney????? Probably not!!! LOL
    Hugs and kisses,
    Mom and Mocha
    PS Mocha is sitting in my lap right now watching me type this-I think she misses you!!!

  4. Nice to see all the gentlemen on the trip all in one photo. Jon Stave...I'm disappointed

  5. Jon Stave lost a dance off??? Finally! Congrats! You're finally on your way to becoming a man!

    S'kiddin. Miss you, man.