Monday, January 24, 2011

January 22, 2011

Our first day on Maasai land in the Serengeti Ecosystem started with a hike to a traditional temporary Boma. We were given the opportunity to ask the Maasai questions and learn about their culture and way of life. We were also invited into their homes to see how they live. We continued our hike up to Oloponi which is a rock overhang that serves as a protected place for warriors to stay during their meat ceremony called an olpul. This ceremony can last anywhere from a few days to weeks. The afternoon was used for class time in addition to completing other coursework. Later, some students hiked up to nearby rock hills to see a beautiful view of Lake Eyassi.  After dinner we celebrated Sam’s birthday with a traditional song and dance of the Maasai.

Maggie, Katie Pusecker, Liz Rudkin, and Jasmine Macies with two Maasai Warriors, William and John
Photo By: Joy Wedge


  1. Hey Virgina,
    Can't believe that you're coming home so soon, enjoy the last few days of your trip. I'm sure my roommates are tired of me showing them the pictures that are posted and about the blogs. I'll talk to you soon, can't wait.

  2. Happy Birthday Sam! Congratulations! This is a birthday you're sure to remember :)

    Dana, Matthew says hi and he misses you. He's anxious for you to come home. Everyone is :) Love, Mama

  3. Liz,

    Incroyable, mais vrai! Nos voeux se réalisent enfin. Hier soir, nous rêvions de découvrir une photo de toi sur le blog et ce matin, te voilà!
    Superbe! Hâte de t'entendre.

    Enormes bisous, Théo & Ali

  4. Hi Lizzie!
    More adventures coming your way!!! I can not believe that you will back home in just over a week. I can't wait to see you!!!! Keep up the good work and keep taking it all in!!! Ohio is going to seem pretty boring after all of this.
    Mom and Mocha

  5. Ya-a-y -so good to see your smiling face! Can you even believe you have been in Tanzania? Do you have black and blue marks from pinching yourself!( along with the bumps, bruises, blisters, etc). It is a dream come true! Keep taking in as much as possible, lots of pictures too! Can't wait to see and hear all about it! OXOX

  6. KT,
    You are a sight for sore eyes! Cannot wait to see you. I am off to San Francisco on Saturday and will return just in time to retrieve you. Dad and I have really enjoyed the blog and have sent it out to everyone. Enjoy the moment.

    Mama D.

  7. Hi Sam, what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Singing,dancing and sharing your 21st with old friends and gracious new ones.THANK YOU MAASAI!!! for making her day so memorable.Continue to enjoy the rest of journey.Savor all that the next week has to come.We can't wait to see you.Love You More......Mom and Dad. xoxox

  8. Puss!
    Great to see another picture of you! Are you sure you havent showered cuz you are looking good! And I have to say those shirts are not as bad as orginally suspected! It must be so amazing having interactions and forming relationships with all of the natives at each of your campsites. I cannot wait to hear the incredible stories you will have to tell! I am sure you are creating lifelong memories! Its looks absolutely amazing and your pictures are unreal! I am telling you if Hospitality doesn't work may just be your calling! Keep having fun and can't wait to see your beautiful face in person very soon! I will be back in Del on the second and will be itching to see you!!


  9. KATHERINE ma girllllll you are looking good! is that a new boy toy!? jkkkkk
    why does diana not spell her name correctly...its DIANE
    misss youuuuuu :(