Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 13, 2011

On our last day at the Nou Forest, we were given the option to catch up on school work or go on a surprise hike with Daudi, our guide and founder of Dorobo Tours. The hike was four hours of rigorous work, but worth the effort. Those who went arrived at an Iraqw waterfall, where the students enjoyed the view and refreshing water (yay showers!). For those who stayed around camp went on individual hikes to enjoy solitude and the unique environment around them. Some students even came across a newborn calf among an Iraqw cattle herd. We are excited to travel to the Yaeda Valley tomorrow and experience life with the Hadzabe tribe.

PS- Ja-Z and KT apologize for missing yesterday, expect another upload in the next few hours!

Students enjoy a refreshing waterfall in Nou Forest
Photo By: Katie Pusecker


  1. awesome :) Kaitlyn B as of 4:4OAM Saturday 1/15 Thundercats are GO!!! We'll keep you posted as JayZ and KT keep us posted ! I hope you went on the hike to the waterfall
    Aunt Cyn

  2. KT,
    How wonderful that you got to go to the water on your bday. Great photos. We await every posting with every new day. Hope you read my comment about Bourdain.
    Dad took me to Catherine 's last night. We shared the blog with the Reeds and the Davis's. Irene asked if you are wearing the vibrams to run in the jungle. Dad said that if you were, you would become prey like the warthog. Stay safe or run Very fast!

  3. Wow that waterfall is gorgeous... That's some thing I would love to see up close.. I love it... Y'all keep having fun... I bet y'all can't wait till y'all can stay in a hotel.

  4. Hi Caits,
    It is so good to read your blog every day and see what you guys have been up to. I hope you are taking a ton of pictures! I am back at school for RA training, and I miss you tons! Sometimes I even weep all the night...haha. Stay safe, and I'll see you in a few weeks!
    Your Favorite Sister,

  5. Liz -

    Hope you enjoyed your walk to get a shower. How come we never see a picture with you in it? We'd love to send it to family and friends. And, oh yeah, it's snowing again. Hope all is well.

    Love, Mom, Dad, and Josh

  6. Hi Liz-
    Mocha sends hugs and kisses...mostly kisses!

  7. Yikes, Megan...That waterfalls is awesome! I'm sure the shower is welcome too -- we love hearing all about your travels and look forward to seeing your pictures. Keep 'em coming!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  8. Elizabeth -Everyday brings a new challenge! I keep forgetting you are also doing school work too! It is certainly a hands-on classroom to say the least! It was great to see a photo of yours on the blog - so YOU are REALLY there. Not missing anything here; swimming, swimming, swimming. No internet access for two weeks at the pools either. Guess you can relate. Love you

  9. SAMMY,I think I spotted you on the rocks with the hair down to your waist.IS THAT YOU? I'M going to assume so,unless there are two of you with very long locks.The waterfall looks fabulous,wish we where there.All is well on the home front.The animals say thanks for the loan of your room,especially Emma.Looking forward to more pictures,possibly a group one.Come on Jon, make our weekend.Lol Well continue to savor all of your adventures.I'm sure this is just the start of many more outstanding journeys that you will take.Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy. I Love You More.... xox Mom,Dad,Gabriel,and the GUYS

  10. P.S. SAM,if it's not to late,you should get a picture of You,Jon,and Daudi for your copy of the book. Just a thought. Love you! Mom

  11. Oh my goodness Katie that photo is beautiful! Your photography skills are fabulous adn I am sure will get even better as the trip goes on! NOw that I am back from the cruise..expect daily comments from me to read aloud at your nightly campfires! Love you and keep shooting amazing photos! I cannot believe how close you are to these animals!