Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 18, 2011

After watching a stunning sunrise over the Yeada Valley, the Hadza helped us roll up our tents and pack our trucks for another day of travel. The journey began with Hadza women chanting traditional versus as we bounced down the mountain road. We said our final goodbyes to our Hadza hosts, and shortly after one of the trucks found its wheels spinning in place on the muddy trail. In desperate need of some exercise, not that we hadn’t spent the last 3 days trying to keep up with the Hadza, the whole group got out of the truck and pushed. Fortunately, it took only a few minutes of effort before we were on our way again.  Following our first hot shower in over a week, we ended the day with a group discussion of the Hadza.

Hadza elder making digging stick.
Photo by: Jasmine Macies


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  2. What a great adventure you all had interacting with the Hadza and participating with them in their daily lives for several days - a truly unique experience. Thank you all again for the blog, the great description of all that you are doing and the pictures.
    Lindsay, I cannot wait to spend time with you reviewing your experience and hearing about all that you have learned and taken in.
    Love you and continue to experience all this in its fullest!

  3. How very awesome your time has been!!!
    And who said you needed a shower?
    Thanks for the posts they are wonderful!

  4. Elizabeth - It is beyond words to describe what incredibly amazing challenges, adventures and experiences you are having with each new day! How will you ever be satisfied with the daily routines of life at Delaware? Keep taking pictures, keep writing in your journals so you will never forget all these extraordinary moments. You and your classmates have the fortune to live/see into other peoples lives, to gain an appreciation for others and for our own lives. It has to be overwhelming at times dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly. We are so proud of you. We miss you and can't wait to catch up. Big hugs and kisses. love ya!

  5. Your experiences continue to amaze me and thank you for updating as often as you do! I'm just not looking forward to the fact that you'll only have a couple of days at home before you're off again for Spring semester, Dana. We need another week to catch up and soak in all you've done.

    I know you're loving every minute with the Hadza and can only imagine how much they've touched your heart. If I know you, it was very hard leaving that village behind. Stay well my love. XOXOXO Love, Mom

  6. Grace,
    Dad and I reviewed the website for your new resort/lodging: running water, real beds and electricity! (smile)

    But such luxuries must pale in comparison to the amazing adventures you've had over the past two weeks. I have to admit: we're jealous. What incredible lessons in self-reliance, local cultures, animal studies and more you have learned over the past two weeks! Although we suspect that it is hard to believe that your time there is half over, it is probably harder to think of returning home.

    Enjoy! We look forward to seeing you (and your amazing photos) soon!

    Love always, Mom

  7. Woohooooo!!! Showers!!!!!

  8. It would be wonderful to have you collect and post your most meaningful takeaways from visiting with the Hadza.

    Could you reflect upon the similarities and differences between your lives? Does the Hadza lifestyle have any components that you personally would like to incorporate into your lives?

  9. Hi Liz!
    What an amazing experience you must have had living and learning from the Hazda people. Now on to the next adventure! Enjoy your showers, toilets, and hot water! Keep the posts and pictures coming-I really enjoy them!
    Mom and Mocha
    PS- My first day of classes went really well!

  10. Hey Camille and gang,

    It sounds like your experience with the Hadza has been wonderful. It was nice to read you are not starving to death, were you brave and try some of the more "interesting" choices? Hope your shower is nice and warm! There is an artic front bringing a little snow tonight and plunging temperatures, so enjoy that equatorial sun when it peaks through the rainclouds here and there.

    We love and miss you!

    mom, the fam and Riley

  11. Kaitlyn B I suspect they will have to drag you onto the plane to get you home. You're dream has come true. love ya Momma

  12. Hi Caits, It looks like you are all making the most every minute of this awesome experience. I have to admit that I was hoping you would be eating a little more like Anthony Bourdaine, well there is still time. Each posting is better than the last. I hope you enjoyed your shower and are ready the next leg of the adventure. Have fun and continue to be a witness by your words and actions. Safety to you ALL! love ya Caits, Mom

  13. time is flying by!!! Sounds like the bee population is faring better there than here in the USA! I hope so. Great to see all the smiling faces.

  14. Griff, Want you to know we've been following the blog! So, you're eating well! Enjoy the rest of your experience! And be safe!xo

  15. KTP,
    I have two words for you: A MAZING!
    You are so amazingly lucky to be having this experience and we are so happy for you. Take it all in, your life will never be the same again - enjoy!
    Kelly and I had a vastly different experience in Africa, but your blog is quickly changing our mind to go back to that wonderous continent.
    Have a blast and keep up the great work! More Pumba and Simba shots!
    Love, The Mecca's
    PS: I tried to kill Papa G on Razors Edge at Blue this past Monday, he's still feeling the pain. LMOA! Cheers!

  16. Hi Sam,wow your first shower in over a week, that must have felt wonderful. Hope you were able to pick out all those bugs and dust from your long locks.I guess you didn't need that LARGE bottle of body wash.LOL Can't wait to hear all the stories of your time spent with the Hadza and view your amazing pictures. MISSING YOU STILL, LOVE YOU MORE! MOM

  17. Jasmine - great photo! can't wait to see the rest of them and hear all about the lives of the Hadza. look out National Geographic:) Showers and clean clothes must have felt good. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures. Love you! Miss you! mom

  18. soror--woot showers! I can only imagine how those must have felt. I LOVED the photo credit, keep 'em coming! I hope you're all doing well, even in the mud :)
    Love you!