Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011

Today as we packed up in Tarangire National Park, we took in the last glimpse of the beautiful surroundings; our destination for the day was the Nou Highland Forest. We paused from our daylong journey at the breath taking Balangida Lake, where children herded their livestock just a few feet in front of us. As we ate, we noticed the lake surface covered with hundreds of flamingos and other water birds. As we drove away we looked back to see isolated storms roll in creating thick columns of rain across the plains below. We continued into some Iraqw villages, ending the day with an bush whacking experience to arrive at our new campsite.

PS Ja-Z and KT like to read the comments aloud around the fire at night, so keep them coming!

The beautiful Balangida Lake.
Photo by: Sam Mancuso


  1. It's the highlight of my day when I find an update from the group. I find myself calculating the local time in Tanzania and wonder what our daughter, Camille is up to at that moment. The blog helps me to picture the experience.

  2. Cried when i saw your photo.First connection in a week that you,re ok.You,re in your element.Love your photo, the landscape is beautiful.Would love to see a full group photo next.Continue to be thrilled by your environment.Miss you,Love you more.Mom xox

  3. Love the blog and the photos !! Keep them coming. It sound like you're having a great time. The Lotz Family

  4. Hi Marissa,
    It is amazing what you are seeing. In saying that I feel a bit said that Bryce may not be so lucky without the efforts of you and your friends. I think it is most important that you document the need to protect wildlife and that you spearhead the work to control human population. It is not sustainable and a 7 billion we have enough humans. If not controlled all that you see will one day be gone as greed and need will take what it is not rightfully theirs. ZERO as a website would be a nice name. It would be nice for your group to try to build a site like this. Mommy misses you so...............much! Love and Kisses Mom and Dad

  5. Griffin! I got you a paid photo job through my internship and then remembered your in Africa...

    Your pal,


  6. Wow, looks like you guys are having an amazing time! I can't imagine what its like to see all of that wildlife up close. Can you believe its been a week already? Caitlin, you better be putting that fancy new camera to good use! ;) I thought about writing you a letter the other day and then realized I'd have to address it: Caitlin Gormley, Third tent to the left, Tanzania, Africa haha. I miss you, hope you are feeling well. Te amo mucho!
    Your friend,
    Katie K

  7. Rachel,

    Hope you are having a great trip. I am so jealous of all you are getting to see and experience. And all the African vulture species ... yea, definitely jealous. Love the photos from everyone and the blog too! You can put all those action and wildlife photography skills to use when you get back - Owlbert flew free today so I need some great photos :) Looking forward to your the next update. Be safe and have fun!

    Love, Jackie

    PS I'm sure customs would look the other way if you have a Marabou stork in your bag. Just sayin.

  8. Kailtlyn B: Well Mom has over half of work following your adventures in tanzania. Alex left a message on your fb, she said there are zebras in peoples backyard. Becky leaves jan. 29th for jordan. love to see a group picture.

    wellif any one is a football fan: Udel blew a 19 point lead to lose 20-19 in the championship game. :-( Ravens are playing the Steelers this saturday, Jets are playing Pats, Seahawks playing Atlanta and Bears & Packers. GO RAVENS!

    luv ya Momma

  9. Griffin, Who's Chris with the paid photo job?!! Sounds like you all are seeing some great things. I was wondering..how is the food?? I've been following the blog! Sue Lotz

  10. It's so fun and exciting to hear about your adventures! I'm sure we'd all love to see some more pics of the group "in the wild!" Are we "gamy" yet?? Yeah, you're right....I'm jealous of you all! Have fun, be safe, and keep posting!! Love to Errica and "Hi" to friends!

  11. Dear Lindsay,
    We look forward to each new blog and learning about your adventures in Tanzania. Dad talked to Grandmother and Grandad Romano Sunday- they are doing well and enjoying their new apartment - they asked about how your trip was going. I am reading Modoc about a boy and an elephant and their life journey together. I think of you often each day, Love, Mom

  12. Hi Sam...way to go girl...awesome photo....so happy your getting to take this all in and hope your lovin every second of it....dont worry about your mom she cried happy tears and yes secretly she and i really tried to figure a way to sneak along....anyway love you tons...miss you loads...and oh yeah please kiss a giraffe for me....xox annmarie

  13. Hey Liz! Wow already a week, with all your adventures I am sure time is fleeting by. We are curious to see your 'camp' and of course you and the group. looks like it is raining some part of everyday - and they said you wouldn't get daily showers(haha) So hows the food out there? I have a hundred questions to ask . . . keep taking pictures of everything . . . I want to see everything! Love you


    I've been obsessed with the blog and the pictures and everything else that you are doing! It sounds like the most unbelievable time EVER. We (the team) were teasing you because we all saw the pic of the lion and warthog and were like, "I bet Virginia is like chasing the lion with a huge smile on her face, being like wait come back!" Anyway, I just really wanted to send you some love and that I miss you so much and can't wait to see all of your pictassss!!

    Love you like honey bunches of oats,

  15. Virginia!!!

    I totally agree with the infamous L-dog above me. I just read through all the blogs so far and am dying to be there experiencing it with you. It's not the same at 32 without you and I can't wait to be with you again! Nala, the native lion from Delaware, wanted to know if life in Africa is just as glorious as the pictures she's seen so far. I told her she'll just have to study abroad next year herself. We send you our unspoiled love all the way to Tanzania and hope your adventures are as glorious as possible.

    Love, love, love,


  16. Hello this Janell Joy's sister........ glad to hear all is well....miss you Joy.....and these are words from Mom........"Hey Joy, hope you are having fun. Miss you. Love you much. Be safe. Mom "

  17. Jasmine,

    I know you're having so much fun, and I love following the blog!! Bring home an elephant, they can swim right? haha be safe!


  18. Gueten Tag, Nicole!
    Ich habe gelesen, dass du eine Giraffe gesehen hast. Wie wunderbar! Hope you're having an amazing time and I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Love reading the blog updates (especially after a longgg day of classes). Take tons of pictures!
    deine Schwester,

    p.s. remember to leave room in your bookbag for that lion cub :)

  19. A group photo is a great suggestion & would be satisfying all around. I try to google every destination to get a glimpse of what you are all experiencing. Dana, will the Bronx Zoo and Disney's Animal Kingdom ever satisfy you again? I think of you every day & night and pray that you & your friends are protected while taking in every bit of this amazing adventure. I miss you lovey <3 Besitos!

  20. Joy i sure wish you had a phne to call back home... i missyou everyday... im not gonna get all mushy cause i understand these are read over the camp fire lol... but i miss you...those two things u left on top of my tv are my favorite things to wake up to. i miss you... oh yeah i handled that thing b4 the 8th. make sure u bring me something home... i hear they gotta lot of diamonds over there keep ya eye out for one for me. enjoy ya vacation one week down three to go...

  21. Grace,
    I sent the blog link to lots of my friends, to try to increase your readership (per instructions). Everyone is amazed! Jane Bowie wants to use it with her students. What a wonderful way to help students learn geography--although I'm not sure how she'll integrate that into her music classes ("Hakuna Matata", maybe?).

    Dad and I check the maps daily, to see where you are. All the grandparents and the rest of the extended family are tuned into the blog. So keep these wonderful entries and photos coming - everyone is waiting for the next installment!

    Love, Mom

  22. Jaz,
    I'm with Erin. We expect you to uphold your end of the bargain. The elephant rides in your backyard next year will not be profitable without the aforementioned elephant.

    Love you, miss you,

  23. Shout out to Megan Krol from Anna & the cat. MISS YOU SO MUCH, but happy to see you're having an amazing time. The photos look incredible.

    PS meow. <3

  24. Hi Samantha. Sorry I missed the date you were leaving. Your photo is beautiful. Mom is updating me and I dreamed about you all night trying to shield you from those wild animals. it was hilarious. Looks like you are having lots of fun. Enjoy what you do and be safe. Will keep checking in on the blogs. Have fun.My daughter says hi.

  25. Hi Samantha. didnt think you knew who Bajan Butterfly is! Its lolita. Have a wonderful time on your adventure and take lots of pictures.

  26. Megan,

    We love following your daily adventures! Keep the pictures coming...it's a thrill to hear about your exciting trip!

    Love you,
    Mom and Dad