Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 19, 2011

Our day at the Octagon Lodge in Karatu was spent as a workday for everyone.  The photography students focused on designing the book and 7-minute video that they’ll be presenting at the end of their trip, while the wildlife group filled out survey sheets and wrote in their journals.  In addition, the students worked in their four groups to make progress with their corresponding article assignments.  They enjoyed a short shopping trip in the Karatu village, escorted by Maggie, where students bartered jewelry and explored a common market full of beans, spices, and fresh avocados.  The day ended with a delicious grilled dinner, showers, and fresh laundry.

  the UD students in the Karatu market with their guide Maggie


  1. A Dana sighting! Can't wait to see what you got :) Love you <3

  2. Lookin' good!
    Hope you enjoyed the market. I know, shopping isn't your favorite activity but bartering you should like.
    Love you

  3. Lizzie -

    Hope you got Mom some jewelery in the market!! That should probably fit in your bag for the trip home.

    Looks like fun.


  4. Hey Sam...omg a shower and shopping all in the same week....awesome! Hey while at the market did you see any Jimmy Choos or perhaps a nice chanel bag? Im sure you found some treasures of your own to bring back and remember the journey by....21 is just around the corner.....what a place to spend you tons and miss you loads xox annmarie

  5. Hi Liz!
    Another shower,plus clean must be living right!!! LOL I hope you had fun in the market. Meanwhile back here in Ohio, we have had more snow and Josh had a 2 hour delay today. The high temperature today is going to be a balmy 15 degrees. Josh says "Hey".
    Mom and Mocha

  6. Elizabeth- We are all excited for you to have the warm shower and clean clothes! Then to top it all off . . . shopping! Whoa baby! Good luck with your assignment. No worries. Enjoy each moment. Love you tons!

  7. KT PU - not sure why John Mecca wants to bust on me like that! In fact, he actually tripped me and caused me to fall very hard on my back on the ice :) - darn those snow snakes! I'll survive though. It is going to get into the single digits here this weekend, so enjoy the balmy temps in Africa. I hope that the market was fun and that you found the perfect African gift for your Papa G and Mama D! Can't wait to see you and hear first hand all about your adventures - it sounds like a trip of a lifetime (to quote Mecca Man). We miss you very much and hope you are enjoying this trip. Always looking forward to the next blog and photos. Love-dad

  8. ohh to be shopping with you Kaitlyn B LOL THAT looks awesome :) Can't wait to hear all about it.
    I will be recuperating from surgery when you get home, so you'll have to come up and see me. The surgery is 1/31, I wont be cleared to drive for at least a week :)
    Any Sekhmet alliances??
    Miss you and love you,
    Aunt Cyn

  9. OMG-SHOPPING!!!! Our favorite pastime.The Mother Daughter Bonding Time. Find any BURBERRY to go with the baby? I spotted the side of your head in the video.Thank goodness for that hair again,otherwise I would never find you.Hope shopping was fun and fruitful.Do they take coupons? LOL If not we'll have to introduce them to the concept. To whom it may concern.....THANKS for the video...keep them coming. Continue to all be safe and enjoy your the rest of your journey. SAM,I miss you.LOVE YOU MORE! MOMMY xoxo p.s. to Jon Thank you for giving our kids this once in a lifetime experience.

  10. Puss!
    That market sounds fabulous! It's so cool that you are really getting to bond and interact with the tribes at the campsites you are staying at! I still am in awe at how close you are getting to the wildlife! Call me crazy but I have started a little countdown for your arrival home since this blog says your trip is 26 days I have calculated that you will be home in 9 days if I have counted correctly! But I know you are having an amazing time and probably dont want it to end so keep living it up and I am so so excited to see all of the amazing pictures BIg Berth has taken! love love love you and miss you tons!