Monday, January 31, 2011

Coming At You For The Second Time Today!

KT and Ja-Z wanted to share some wonderful pics from this morning!

 Here are a couple of the really cool fish we saw this morning.
...And yes, this is KT and Ja-Z underwater.
Thank you so much to Rachel Kozlowski for these totally sweet pics!

Also we thought we'd take this time to clear the air about our afternoon of possibilities. It ended up fabulous! We watched sea turtles hatch and run to the ocean, how can you beat that? Enjoying the stars from sunny Africa, talk to you later!


  1. Hi Lizzie!
    I am first again...I must be on a roll!!! I love the fish and anemone. Can you bring one home for Dad's tank? The water and sky look so beautiful, now I am really jealous!
    Love you,
    Mom and Mocha

  2. Lindsay!

    I'm so impatient! Hurry home safely so we can have a pow-wow while you retell stories from your adventures! Hope you're having an amazing time, enjoy the sun because we have so much snow waiting for you! BTW, I show Regina (grandma) the blog everyday, she loves it!

    -kp... & reg

  3. Another storm a brewing here. Bring some sunshine back with you!

  4. Those turtles must have been precious! What a special privilege. Just another terrific event to file with your memories!

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  6. Hi Lizzy Baxter,

    That beach photo is great! We found you. And that word you guys spelled on the beach - 'Ohhhh,' kinda low blow, for us poor folk in the path of yet another snow/freezing rain storm. :-)

    Mommy wants to tell you that Route 267 Dulles VA toll road is totally closed at night, due to the new subway (I mean 'Metro'). So when you come home, take Route 7.

    Margaret and Greg and Gaby are following the blog, and are very excited for you, too.

    As usual, I write that it is 7:45pm Monday Jan 31, 2010 here in Herndon VA. And where you guys are, it is about 4:45am Tuesday February 1, 2011 in Tanzania. Enjoy your beach day again!

    Was anybody awake right now?

    Love, xxx000xxx Dad and Mommy

  7. Kt!
    Those are amazing underwater pictures!! I canot believe how fast this month has flown by and that you are returning to me so soon! Love the group picture from the last post as well! I wish I could be enjoying the stars with you! AHHH YOU ARE COMING HOME!! WOOO!! I will hopefully be in Del by the time you arrive weather permitting..we are getting ANOTHER snow/sleet/rain thing tomorrow into Wednesday but I am hoping it will clear up so that I can drive down to del and we can reunite! CAn't wait to hear EVERYTHING about your amazing Tanzania trip! love youu!!

    p.s. I was not able to finish the Whipped and Hershey Kisses in the past month but dont you worry they will be in tow with me to 38 so we can indulge!

    Love you tons and enjoy your last day!


  8. Cait!
    I can't believe you are coming home! I hope you are enjoying your stay in paradise before coming home to the North Pole. I'm praying that you guys have safe travels home, as are my friends. Enjoy the last hours you have there. Make the most of all of it.
    P.S. I'm sure (knowing your love of eating crazy things) that you ate the octopus happily. Hopefully it wasn't live, although I know that would've made it even more exciting for you.