Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 11, 2011

True to form, the Nou cloud forest’s lush flora faded into the morning mist as rain found its way into our tents.  However, the sky cleared up just in time for the students to start the day.  Half the group stayed in camp to complete assignments while the rest followed local forest guard, Karoli, into the nearby village to exchange cultural experiences with the agro-pastoral Iraqw tribe.  The wildlife group photographed an aardvark on the remote cameras set out the day before. After a week of planned activities, we enjoyed our freedom to explore the Nou forest in the afternoon.  Our long day concluded around the fire joined by Iraqw forest guards.
PS Ja-Z says hi-five to all the comments, we love hearing from everyone at home, keep 'em coming! KT would like to know where Kath is, and why she hasn't commented yet? didn't you like the lion?!

Picture: Karoli and his son play outside Karoli’s mother’s home.
Photo credit: Holley Kline
Photo editing: Meg Krol


  1. Megan --

    Knowing you you'll get the most out of meeting these villagers and seeing life on the other side of the world. LOVE seeing the pictures and hearing your daily report. Everyone is jealous of this phenomenal experience! Timmy says hi...still wants to be the "big cat" in your life no matter how many lions you see!

    Love, Mom

  2. As Virginia asked, we are "worshipping" the blog. Love the updates, Love the Lion shots! (Everybody at work exclaimed, "how freakin' cool!") Always want to see and hear more. - Virginia's Dad

  3. Just got dumped on...snow that is.
    Northern Delaware got about 4 inches, so all the schools are closed, of course. Heading out to see if we can get out to go sledding.

    Looks like and sounds like you are all have lots of fun. Thanks for the daily update. Can't get enough.
    Living vicariously!
    Jon's mom

  4. Liz,
    It is a snow day here . . .more shoveling! Our in-house Snowman Sculptor reports not good 'snowman' snow. So not missing anything here, we would rather be there with you! Especially the hippo whisperer! Wondering how those quick drying clothes are working for you? The village is awesome! It is a real eye opener to actually see the daily lives of the native people. A day in the life of Karoli's mother?! Keep taking lots of pictures! Love you

  5. KT,
    Papa Georgio and Mama Dukes loved the lion and are enjoying the blogs immensely. Keep 'em coming!
    Three days till your B'day. How will you celebrate?

  6. Grace,
    Shoveling the snow the snow this morning (3 inches), we thought of you in the Tanzanian rain forest. Sigh!

    Hope you and your gear are staying dry. Enjoy!

    Mom and Dad

  7. Thank you for the blog. What a great (and varied) experience the group is getting. Great to see you interacting with the local populace as well as the wildlife!

    Please keep it coming, and we love the photos too.

    Love you Lindsay and hope that you are continuing to have a great experience in Africa!!

    All well here and looking forward to hearing all about your trip and experiences!

  8. Hey Camille!

    Dad, Riley and I just finished shoveling our driveway plus Eleaonor's and George's. Riley is loving the snow (4.5"). I loved sleeping in!! It's strange to think of you around the other side of the world in a short sleeved shirt! I know you wish you could have brought Riley but she would have been eaten by now. Hope you are getting amazing pics and that everything is working properly!! Love you -mom and Riley

  9. Dana I hope your not being a Mrs. Grumpy Gills JK :) This was Matt. We have a snow day about 7 to 8 inches. I miss you and love you and when you get back tell us how the beach was. Give us picture of the animals when you get back.

    ps be careful

  10. Camille!
    I still can't believe you're in Tanzania right now. And that you saw a lion catch a warthog. That's like Scar catching Pumba! It was 1 degree here in Utah yesterday while I was walking to class, so take in the warmth! I hope you're having fun! Love you and I expect to see one of your photos posted on the blog sometime this week!


  11. Well, of course, as you can see Dana, Matthew misses you and hasn't lost his odd sense of humor. The beach? I showed him a map of Tanzania and he thinks you all have access to a beach! Go figure. You explain when you get back. Love the picture of Karoli & his son. What a great shot! Just think, you have another amazing 4 weeks ahead of you. Miss you during this snow day at home :) Love you to the moon and back. Oh, BTW, How is the night sky without any light pollution? Must be spectacular! Love, Mom, Mommy, Mama.

  12. Everyone at work loves your postings. They provide a wonderful diversion and give us some sense of what you are experiencing - which must be amazing! We are all jealous. Enjoy the warmth.. we have a foot of snow here..Love you!

  13. Scary Africa Dreams...I woke up in the middle of the night after a dream that Virginia came home with a giant safety pin piercing from her eyebrow to her forehead.

  14. KT PU - please do not go chasing any lions, tigers, or bears over there. Drop, roll, and play dead if necessary and hopefully they will leave you alone and then eat Rachael. Do not pet any unauthorized elephants as you never know where their trunks have been. I bet you miss the 6 inches of snow we got last night! I wish I did. We are enjoying the blog and photos very much and wish you guys would post more photos to the blog, that is an order. How is the weather over there? Did you pack enogh clothes? Does Jon still think you are a pansy? Love-papa G

  15. Kaitlyn,
    I am running your Mama ragged with all the medical stuff. My surgery is next week, coz today I had to have a cardiac cath to clear me for said surgery. While you are learning the wild life of Africa, I am learning the "wild life" of major healthcare. Lesson learned today? I have sexy curvy arteries, the prettiest Dr Ali had seen all day :) Completely unblocked !! woohoo!! So now someone can finally take this tumor out !!


    Love you KKKKKKKK Katie :) See you in Feb.
    OH and Mandy STILL has not had that baby, will be induced on 1/20/11

    Aunt Cyn

  16. Howdy Errica!! Grampa Ace wanted the link to your blog and I forwarded it just now. He might actually try posting something, so beware (hahaha)!!
    I think about you all the time and can only imagine what you are feeling and experiencing!
    Love you lots! Mom

  17. This is just too wonderful for words! I guess the snow over the east coast of N. America didn't make over to the east coast of Africa (ha-ha)? Even Tenn is seeing snow! Hope your tents were able to dry out. How are the bugs?

  18. CAAAAIIIITTTLLLIIIINNNNNNN, :-). Just wanted to say hi and that I miss you. I don't have anyone to be random with lol. I miss our fragment conversations lol. Hey everyone here is thinking of you can't wait until you get back in spring, have fun and remember what I said, away from the bush not to close to the water. lol luv ya

  19. Virginia,
    Scott made us watch the Lion King tonight and it made me think about you. I'm sorry that you had to watch that in regards to Pumbaa, but I'm sure that it was really cool to watch Scar in person. I've been emailing you but I'm guessing that you haven't been able to read them. I've been following the blog daily and have fun.

  20. I didn't know you could post comments!
    The blog looks amazing, so I can only imagine what Tanzania looks like. Shout out to all my wildlifers from Long Island, NY...Hi Nicole(love you!), Errica, Dana, Lizzy, Holly, CJ, Jon(you my boy), and to my non wildlifers hi Megan! You should get some pictures up of you doing wildlife things. Miss you and can't wait to see you all in the spring, but hopefully your adventures won't feel to short.
    ps - I see you are listing the animals you have seen in Africa, so I wanted to do the same for long island... The other day I saw a squirrel and a unidentified song bird. It gets pretty wild out here for sure.

  21. I'm loving the pictures! Make sure you plan to enter some into our photo contest at IGS! We awoke today to more SNOW. Late start at UD - open at 10:00. Going to be a messy wintry mix today. Enjoy your wonderful trip and those great professors you have!

    Ruthie Toole, Staff Assistant, IGS