Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 21, 2011

We left Ngorongoro Crater this morning to head out to Maasai land on the Serengeti Plains.  Along the way, we found ourselves in the middle of the great migration, surrounded by thousands of wildebeests for miles.  We felt fortunate to be so close to these animals and to participate in something usually only seen on television.  This sparked discussion about the complexity of the Serengeti ecosystem and how the Maasai and wildlife coexist.  Once at camp, we were greeted by the Maasai and ended the day around a huge bonfire, looking forward to what we will learn tomorrow. 

PS Ja-Z and KT say sorry about the previous blog uh-oh, the video will be re-posted shortly.

Wildebeests spotted on the Serengeti plains during the migration.
Photo by: Sam Mancuso 


  1. nice picture sam....looks like some of our long lost xox annmarie

  2. Oh my. You know Dana, all I can think about is the stampede scene in The Lion King & wondering if you thought of the same thing for a moment. That must have been a sight to see. Looking forward to reading about some of what you've learned from the Maasai. Love you Boo, sending hugs and kisses, Mom

  3. Hi Liz!
    Enjoy the Serengeti! Don"t get stampeded by any wildebeests! I would have liked to hear the conversation regarding the ecosystem on the plains...Dad too. Learn much from the Maasai!
    Hugs and kisses,
    Mom and Mocha

  4. Omg holley,
    The photo reminds me of the Pathfinder experience in OK. lol! We can on imgagine the exhilaration that must have been felt! We miss you very much, but we are very much comforted by being updated on your where and what-abouts. We love you lots! See you soon,
    Mom and Dad

  5. Hi Virg!!!

    Miss you and read this everyday. I got my cast off finally!

  6. Virg - Thousands of Wildebeests and the huge sky are SO interesting. That is, shall we say, a different look at things. The stars at night must be great!!!!!

  7. Hi Samantha...this is aunt marlene writing through AnnMaries screen name....Uncle Paul and I have enjoyed viewing all the beatuiful pictures that all of you have posted! It seems as though you are all having a memorable experience, we are so happy for you and the rest of the group. We hope you had a fantastic 21st birthday we will be sure to celebrate when you return home...we love you and cant wait to hear all the fun and exciting stories....xox Aunt Marlene

  8. Hi Sam: I am trying to get through you on my own. Don't forget to bring home a baby elephant for good luck. Love Aunt Marlene & Uncle Paul.

  9. Hey Lindsay,
    We have shared your blog site with friends and co-workers. Everyone is really enjoying learning of the group's adventures. This past week has been amazing from the Hadza to the wildlife! It was fun to see you in the video clip of the market. We miss you and can't wait to learn more about everyday of your trip! Love, Mom

  10. Hello Cement,lol wonderful picture.Can't believe how close you are to all those beautiful animals.It must be overwhelming, but I'm sure you're loving every minute of it.According to your itinerary this may be your last night in tents.Are you happy to give them up? I hope that your experience in the Serengeti was all you hoped it would be and more.Safe journey to all of you on your flight to Arusha tomorrow. Love you Sam! Can't wait to see that little face...miss you tons...Love YOU More....Mommy xoxo

  11. Grace,
    What an extraordinary experience the migration must have been! The experiences you have had in Tanzania will become memories of a lifetime for you. We're thinking about you. Give our thanks to KT and Ja-Z for their great blogging; it helps us - and the rest of the family - to imagine what wonderful things you are experiencing.
    Love always, Mom and Dad

  12. Jasmine, it must have felt exhilirating and humbling to be in the midst of all those animals. You have been fortunate to witness so much wildlife in their natural habitat. Enjoy your time in the Serengeti with the Masaai. Can't believe how fast the time is going.. only 10 days to go. Enjoy and keep the photos coming! love you. miss you. Mom and dad xox

  13. Hey Elizabeth - being in the midst of the great migration! Animal planet has nothing on you! Everyday brings a new enlightened experience - it truly is incredible. I hope you are continuing to write in your journal of all your impressions and eye opening experiences. This is something most of us only see on TV or read about. I wake each day wondering what next is in store for you and your group. So far it has been beyond any expectations! Can't wait to see you, XOXO
    P.S. Megs is drowning in tagalongs.

  14. hey elizabeth... sounds like you could be one of those people who tape planet earth. thats cool. mom wanted me to tell you that the last post i made was SARCASTIC.. whatever. hope your having tons of fun. miss ya kinda ;)


  15. Jasmine,
    All of the photos are amazing. Thanks for the updates. It must be an awesome trip and I'm extremely jealous of the experience. I can't believe there's only 10 days left til you get back, and at the same time 10 days seems very far away. I made reservations today for Valentine's Day dinner, so look forward to a good meal. I miss you and I love you and I'll see you soon!


  16. Megan...What in the world must it be like to see a 1000 wildebeasts!! I can't imagine. This is the best trip to the zoo ever! Dad is jealous...And by the way, enjoy the sunshine. It's -7 outside, and that's not even with the wind chill. -15 in Dunkirk. Thinking of you as always, with love, Mom and Dad

  17. Camille,

    Finally the wildebeests and the great migration! Ever since I saw it on the discovery channel, I wondered what it must feel like to be in the middle of it WOW!! Trying to imagine what you are experiencing gets me through these dark and VERY cold days. When I left the house this morning, it was 6 degrees! Riley is basking in a patch of sunlight here in the kitchen sleeping away.

    Lots of people are following your blog and are loving it. Everyone asks how you are doing and I answer "read the blog, then you'll know as much as us." So happy you are having this experience. We all watched "The Ghost and the Darkness" in honor of you Ha! Ha! Have fun hanging with the Maasai!


    mom and Riley

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